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Broken Glass Replacement
Posted by:admin, April - 19 - 2017

Despite our best efforts, glass gets broken: through human clumsiness, human maliciousness, or simply the tough love of Mother Nature. A shattered glass door, window, mirror, or anything else is unsightly and dangerous, so don’t delay: We’ll speedily repair or replace the fixture so it’s better than ever.

From mirrors to cabinets, we fix it all
The best-quality replacement glass
Restoring your home’s beauty and security
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New Glass for Cabinet and Garage Inserts
Posted by:admin, April - 18 - 2017

Glass cabinetry heightens the look and feel of any home. Here at Russo Glass, we’ll install beautiful glasswork for your kitchen or living-room furnishings—plus glass windows for your garage doors. When you’re ready to take your domestic décor to the next level, get in touch with our respected team of glass experts!

Top-quality glass installs
Can work with any design or space
More than 40 years of experience
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Posted by:admin, April - 17 - 2017

A well-made mirror is both practical and aesthetic. From parlors to hallways to bathrooms, mirrors lend elegance to any room, and by reflecting natural and artificial light they can brighten your interior spaces—including those dark rooms remote from windows. Turn to Russo Glass for topnotch mirror installations!

We choose the best in mirror glass
Can provide any size, shape, or design
Reinvent your ambience with Russo Glass mirrors
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Plastic and Insulated Glass
Posted by:admin, April - 16 - 2017

Whether you’re looking for a double-pane setup for your windows or glass paneling for your porch or patio, turn to the friendly folks at Russo Glass. We provide the finest quality in plastic and insulated glass, and our skillset and expertise—honed across more than 40 years of work for both residential and commercial customers—allow us to service any setup.

Only the best materials
More energy and cost efficient
We’ll work with any design, space, and scale
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Tempered Glass
Posted by:admin, April - 15 - 2017

Tempered glass provides a stronger, safer glass surface wherever you need it, from windows to an ornate door panel. Here at Russo Glass, we select only the finest in tempered glass to install for any sort of setup—whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or a general contractor.

Top-quality toughened glass
Installed for any fixture or furnishing
Timely and efficient installs
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Glass for Table Tops
Posted by:admin,

Few furnishings lend so much elegance to a home or business space than a glass-topped table. For such a heavily used and centrally positioned piece of furniture, however, you don’t want to settle for the second-rate, whether in terms of glass construction or installation. You’ll get top-caliber service from Russo Glass!

The most attractive choice
Any size or shape table
The best in glass construction
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Windows and Patio Doors Re-Screened
Posted by:admin, April - 14 - 2017

Exposed as they are to the brunt of the elements—not to mention barreling dogs and other contingencies—door and window screens tend to take a beating. A punctured or frayed screen makes your home vulnerable to weather, insects, and intruders—but Russo Glass will come to the rescue every time!

Both window and door screens repaired
We use only the best materials
Quick but lasting fixes
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